Instructional Services:

We travel to you or you may come visit us at the Spruce Creek Fly-In Community (7FL6) in Florida, the World's most famous and biggest residential airpark. Come fly our 2021 Super Decathlon or bring your own aircraft, we train out of here. Lodging and breakfast is included for students and guests.


Available Courses and Pricing:

Advanced Spin Training $900* includes: 2 hour ground school. 2 flights (avg. 1 hour each)

Basic Aerobatics Course $1650* includes: 3 hour ground school. 3 flights (avg. 1 hour each)

Upset Prevention and Recovery Training $2200* includes: 4 hour ground school. 4 flights (avg. 1 hour each)

Comprehensive Aerobatics Course $2500* includes: 4 hour ground school. 5 flights (avg. 1 hour each)

*Due to increasing fuel prices, insurance premiums and other factors, prices are subject to change


Additional Services:

Ferry Flights and Aircraft Relocation
Ground Coaching and Critiquing
Aircraft Check-outs
Aviation Safety Consulting

Contact for pricing