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Instructional Services:

Come fly our 2021 Super Decathlon. Located in the Daytona Beach area in Florida, or we can come to you!


Available Courses and Pricing:

Advanced Spin Training Includes: 2 hour ground school. 2 flights (avg. 1 hour each) $900

Basic Aerobatics Course Includes: 3 hour ground school. 3 flights (avg. 1 hour each) $1650

Upset Prevention and Recovery Training Includes: 4 hour ground school. 4 flights (avg. 1 hour each) $2200

Comprehensive Aerobatics Course Includes: 4 hour ground school. 5 flights (avg. 1 hour each) $2500

*Due to increasing fuel prices, insurance premiums and other factors, prices are subject to change


Additional Services:

Ferry Flights and Aircraft Relocation
Ground Coaching and Critiquing
Aircraft Check-outs
Aviation Safety Consulting

Contact for pricing

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